It’s Good To Be Back!

Well, the New Year is well and truly underway!

Those of you who may have followed my previous blog, ‘Dreaming Of The Good Life’, will know that last year I made the decision to adopt a plant based diet/vegan lifestyle.  So given that DOTGL featured recipes largely involving huge amounts of meat, and having my own set of reasons for turning my back on animal products, this left me rather conflicted.

After a lot of soul searching, and despite all the work that had gone into it, I decided to delete the blog altogether and take a break from writing.  I took the time to educate myself, and explore cooking without the ingredients that previously had been at the forefront of our meals.  What an eye opener!!

The primary aim of my new blog is to document my family’s favourite recipes, and share them with you.  These will, no doubt, include recipes (and any tweaks I’ve made) from other bloggers/chefs/friends that I’ve tried and loved, and I’ll always give credit and relevant links etc.  I’ll be aiming to keep everything as nutritionally balanced as possible using widely available ingredients, and hopefully showcase the virtues of the plant world when it comes to hearty, healthy, delicious meals…with a few that are perhaps not so virtuous.  Please, please tweak to your hearts content.  Switch out ingredients, add more or less of something to suit your own tastes and make it your own.  But always, always season!

As per my previous blog, this won’t be a money making exercise for me, simply a place to document my recipes and novice food photography.  I’ll also be aiming to avoid advertising.  If I’ve used a product that I think you’ll like or I’m particularly passionate about, then I’ll write about it.  But I won’t be working along side any particular brands for any other reason than that.

My passion for fire hasn’t diminished since making the switch either, as you may have gathered from the blog title.  So you can expect a few recipes involving my BBQs too!

I hope you enjoy the recipes and new look to the blog.  Thanks for visiting!

K x



26 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Back!

  1. Si says:

    I ain’t got beef with you anymore 😢😂

    Glad to see you blogging again hen, but there’s nae danger you are getting me on the Tofu!

    Hope to see you all soon, love from the Onesie chef! X

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  2. stephenmharford says:

    Hi Kelly. Welcome back. Although I am a meat eater, having already seen many of your plant based meals, and also made some of them, I am in no doubt that your new blog will be as successful as DofTGL.
    Looking great already, well done !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Paul says:

    You were never gone, just moved into a different direction but still with same passion
    Looking forward to trying some of your stuff and maybe tweak it bit so o can add in some natural game / protein.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kelly says:

      Paul, I’m so grateful for the encouragement and I really enjoy our chats about food/ethical sourcing. As you know I want to reach people with varying diets, and adding your own twist is what it’s all about 🙂 x ‘No preaching, no judgement, just good food’


  4. Mark Cole says:

    Good to see you writing again Kelly. I’ve missed the advice encouragement you gave to me in my beginner stage of grilling.
    I can’t emagine there will be anything recipe wise to tempt m……

    What’s that, chunky guacamole you say !?

    Best of luck Kel


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  5. Simon Burt says:

    Your original blog was one of the first I came across in my charcoal-based ventures and as many have said already, I’m looking forward to getting more inspiration from this different angle that you’ve decided to share. Great to have you back on the line 😁 Let’s get cookin!!

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  6. Dan Hailes says:

    Just completed Veganuary and staying vegan. I’ve got 2 Weber 57’s, a smokey Joe and a BBQ shelter in the garden. So need BBQ ideas . Linda McCartney sausages aren’t doing it for us!


    • Kelly says:

      Great to have you on board Dan! I’ll be looking at some more BBQ recipes in the future. Meantime, the bean burgers and chilli work really well on the BBQ 🙂


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